Branch operation officer

LRugwaguza, Laurent A. is a Branch operation officer, Mechanical Engineering Technician and Lift Supervisor at Derm Elevators Limited. With over 14 years of exposure as a Lift technician, he brings an unparalleled experience to the technical team. He oversees and supervises the Lift Technicians team. The role involves guiding the assembling, installation, testing, repair and maintenance of lifts, checking safety regulations and making sure building codes are met, and reviewing specifications to determine work requirements.

Prior to joining Derm Elevators Limited, Rugwaguza spent 14 years as Lift Service and Maintenance technician and later Lift Technician Supervisor for East African Elevator Company Ltd. He led the Lift Technicians team and oversaw installation, testing, repair and maintenance, and handled clients callbacks and claims.

Rugwaguza holds a Full Technician Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (FTC) from Mbeya Technical College (MTC) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) degree from State university of Zanzibar (SUZA). He is skilled in engineering software programs such as AUTOCAD and ARCHICAD. He is fluent in English and Swahili.