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Our operations must meet or exceed the Otis standard. The Passport System requires each product to move through a series of meticulous inspections during its development. Once approved by a team of experts, the product moves on to its next stage. Otis champions UTC’s overarching process of Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE). Every factory, wherever its location, has an entire workforce committed to this high standard of manufacturing.

Auxiliary Brake2b
The auxiliary brake will act when the main drive chain breaks or the over speed governor trips, and even when the direction of movement of the stops is involuntary reversed.

Step Broken Control Contact
1bThe Step Broken Protection Devices are located at both landings. The contact is activated if either a step or chain wheel breaks or if a step lowered due to nupture.

Floor Plate Check Switch
A safety switch installed under the floor plates to ensure floor plates is properly closed. The safety switch will initiate to stop escalator’s operation until the floor plates is properly closed.


  • Auxiliary Brake
  • Step broken control contact
  • Floor Plate Check Switch
  • Step Chain Control Contact2es
  • Main Drive Chain Control Contact
  • Motor Thermal Device
  • Electronic Non Reversal Device
  • Missing Stop Switch
  • Handrail Entry Device
  • Electronic Over speed Governor