1. Flat Belt Technology
 Unmatched flexibility

2. Pulse System
Permanent Belt Monitoring
Warns of any wear to belts and
detects the slightest weakness.
Security and peace of mind

3. Rollers Guides – Low Friction
Improved ride quality and travel comfort

4. Innovation
The Gen2 range oers the only
elevator which recycles its energy
and becomes fully autonomous.
 Greatest accessibility and autonomy

5. Regen Drive
Recovers energy produced by
the elevator and returns it to
your building’s electrical grid.
 up to 75% of energy savings

Leading to a Green Future

  • Energy Saving

    OTIS regenerative drive use up to 70 percent less energy than non-regenerative drive for equivalent elevator motion

  • Environment Friendly

    The converter unit of the drive can modulate the feedback energy by Plus-Width Modulation (PWM) to the power which has the same frequency (50Hz) and voltage (380V) as the building internal grid.

  • Space Saving

    OTIS regenerative drives have no DBR resistance, and the design of drive is more compact.

VDI 4707

VDI established its VDI 4707 standard to clearly assess elevator energy efficiency taking into account factors such as load, speed, frequency of use and travel height-both during travel and standby modes.

An elevator’s energy efficiency is rated using seven different classes from A to G, where A represents the highest energy efficiency and G the lowest energy efficiency. VDI measures energy efficiency based on usage category on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 represents low-usage elevator and 5 represents high-usage elevator.

Measurements taken on GeN2-Regen installation with standard configurations have the highest efficiency class rating. So when you add it all up-technologically and  environment, the GeN2-Regen elevator    system is clearly at the top of its class.

During the elevator moving down with heavy load or moving up with light load, the reduced potential energy will convert into power energy

The converted power will be recycled and filtered by the regenerative drive, and fed back to internal grid.


Otis has taken its commitment to environment to the next level. This means not only engineering energy-serving products, but also manufacturing them in a way that’s kinder to the environment. Otis France Products and Services have been certified ISO 14 001 since 2012.

  • Greener Products


    Reduced energy consumption, enhanced performance

  • Manufacturing


    Green processes for green products

  • Worldwide Operations


    Precise measurement, continual improvement.

  • Maintenance


    Expert service, optimal performance.

  • Modernization


    Customised solutions, exceptional results.